Executive Sales is a Real Estate firm in Gaborone, Botswana specializing in sales, letting and renovations. We act on behalf of Property developers, large corporations, Institutions and individual property owners. Discover more Into Real Estate. We are

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We don't just practice Real estate,we love it. Our team will be involved through every stage assisting you to acquire , sell , refurbish and facelift your property.
In our years of participating in the real estate industry, we have built good relationships with other professionals, Architectures , Attorneys and Interior designers to make your partnership with us convenient and easy.

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Owning a piece of real estate is fundamental and beautiful, because of this pride of ownership, no person decides to sell such an asset for fun therefore there is always a reason why owners sell their properties.


We know how important to get your property on the market quickly, professionally, and finding good tenants. Above that, our vetting system has yielded good results. No compromising on our standard, well built, clean, and beautiful properties.


In trying to keep our standard of great properties we now have a renovation team that assists property owners to facelift their properties and get good returns on rentals and sales.
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As you all know acquiring a property can be a very tedious and frustrating exercise but of course worthy at the end, thanks to great teams like Karii’s!!  Executive Sales journeyed with me from day one to the homeowner stage. As a first-time homeowner trust me there were days I wanted to throw in the towel…the endless paperwork. They were very patient with me and would give me a bit of  space( hours) to calm down. I got a great discount and a beautiful home at the end of it all!!

You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work ethic!!

Keba Dibe

Property Owner, Block 10, Gaborone
Keba Dibe

Thank you for your professional attitude, aggressive sales approach, and dedication in closing, deals. I really appreciate the way Executive Sales had concluded the 2- bedroom apartment sale in Village for a reasonable profit and letting our upmarket of the town houses within a reasonable period. Continue your consistent performance.

Chitra Sanjeev

Property Manager, SAIS, Botswana
Chitra Sanjeev

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